Rich Snippets

can boost CTR up to 30% in Google results

Why rich snippets?

There are various types of rich snippets (structured data) available that can boost organic traffic to your website.

Reviews markup (stars in Google search results) can for example increase click-through rate (CTR) up to 30%. This will not only increase traffic to your site, but it will also improve your rankings, since higher CTR is a major ranking factor.

What's included?

Structured data analysis

Structured data implementation

Fixing existing rich snippets

Not what you expected?

Don't worry, we can offer you a custom services / packages as well.

Rich snippet types

1. Reviews

There are two types of review rich snippets - individual and aggregate reviews. Both can show up in the search results and will include stars displayed next to them.

2. Products

By adding product structured data to our markup, Google search results for our products can include price, image, brand, description and evens reviews (stars).

3. Recipes

Recipe stuctured data can contain valuable information about the recipe such as cooking time, ingredients, calories, etc. Some of the data is usually displayed in the search results, which can improve click-through rate drastically.

4. Other types of structured data

You can find a full list of available rich snippets (structured data) on the link below:
- List of available rich snippets

What kind of rich snippets do I need?

Contact us and we will make a free analysis.


How long will implementation take?

There are many types of rich snippets (structured data) available. It depends mostly on the type of rich snippets and how are they implemented.

The fastest way is hardcoded structured data (1-2 working days), but that way you can not add or change that data. We can also build an user interface where you can add, change or delete rich snippets (4-5 working days).

Can you guarantee display of rich snippets in Google?

After implementation we will test your website with tool from Google for testing structured data. Without any warning or errors from Google, rich snippets should appear in search results, but we can not guarantee it (it is totally up to Google to show them).

What do you need to implement it?

For rich snippets (structured data) implementation we will need access to administration panel of your website and to your hosting control panel (cPanel, Plesk, ipd.).

How much will this cost me?

Rich snippets implementation services are charged on per hours basis ($40 per hour).

For simple implementations it usually take up to 4 hours. For more advanced (e-commerce) implementation it can take from 8-16 hours.

Do you have extra questions?

Contact us and we will be happy to help.